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Spices Industry
Sindos Industrial Area
Building Block 39A
P.O. Box 1189
P.C. 570 22
Thessaloniki, Greece
Phone: 2310 796.448
Fax: 2310 796.447
Email: info@kourikos.gr

At "KOURIKOS S.A." spices industry, we produce, package, and trade spices and herbs, since its establishment in 1971, in Thessaloniki's historical district, Ladadica. We maintain this tradition at our modern production facilities in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki.

In order to meet the consumers' needs, we sample our products and check their quality, we try different methods of production, and we design new products. With our experience in the food industry, we work responsibly and create long-term trusting relationships with our customers.

The primary concern in the company's tradition is the quality of our products. To ensure and certify the best quality, we designed a Quality Management System, according to the international standard ISO 9001:2000, and a Food Safety Management System, according to the international standard of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - HACCP / ISO 22000.


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